My Buddy Gard GPS Tracker

What We Do?

We provide a safety net using 4G GPS Trackers combined with our unique

“Track Map” which offers an instant overview of where your loved ones and valuables are at all times.

Our “Track Map” has got you covered!

Do you need help with the juggle of keeping
your loved ones safe?

Do you worry about your car getting stolen?

Would you like to feel more in control 24/7 ?

Well here’s how My Buddy Gard can help!

Simply add your Buddy Tracker and any smart devices to our “Track Map” to give you the ability to find, monitor and set boundaries for each device.
it’s like having your own personal body guard that helps keep your loved ones safe 24/7


With the ability to customerise EVERYTHING!
You can set different methods of getting notified.
Set on one device or set it across all your devices at once!

Below you’ll find some features and benefits with using Track Map Rules Engine;

Location Tracking

Track and Monitor your entire family and assets in one application on one screen. Security and Peace of Mind around the clock.

Location History

Take a look back and discover patterns of behaviour.
Also what speed they were traveling!

E.g. Confirm Grandma went to the doctor last week.


Movement Speed

View everyone’s movement speed as safety is paramount.
It can be an awkward conversation, but sometimes you need to know that your loved ones are following the rules for their own sake.

Easy Alerts Setup

Instead of setting all the triggers separately per tracking device, you are able to set one trigger which applies to any paired device you need and when you need it.It can be an awkward conversation, but sometimes you need to know that your loved ones are following the rules for their own sake.

Set Boundary Alerts

Set multiple custom shaped Geo-Fence’s on your track map account to alert you when the allocated devices enter or leave the set safe zones and no-go zones.


Your privacy is secure with us! No one can see where you are, unless you give them the access. It’s that simple!

We have encrypted all of our databases and won’t on sell your information.

Battery Alerts

Forgot to charge your phone, GPS watch or pendant last night? That’s alright, Rules Engine has built in a fully customisable trigger that allows you to set reminders to recharge the devices when their battery reaches the flagged percentage. And then once its fully charged to remind you or your loved one to put the Buddy Device back on!

Automatic Immobiliser

Set your device to automatically immobilise your vehicle as soon as you reach your home Geo-Fence or when someone removes the vehicle from your selected perimiter. It won’t stop the vehicle while it is driving (that;s dangerous) but it will prevent it from starting again.

SOS Button

Family member living with a neuro diverse condition?
Setting up an SOS button will give them a safety net in case of an emergency situation.
With one push of a button the “Track Map”software will alert everyone in their support network.

Increased Accuracy

We have utilised various API’s to make sure you get the most accurate location readings for everyone in your family.

Power On Alert

Car stolen and thieves take off into low or no mobile reception area! With Power On trigger you’ll know instantly when it comes back online again and you’ll be able to see the location from the map. Set the trigger and action to instantly notify you and locate the vehicle.

Alerts Scheduling


Want the triggers to only work during working hours? No worries, Rules Engine can be customised to action the triggers at the set times or days of the week!

E.g – Suspecting unauthorised usage of your company vehicles on the weekends? Set geo-fence alerts or automatically immobilise the vehicles during weekends.