Buddy SIM Plans
Custom fit your Buddy Experience! 

My Buddy Gard “Track Map” & “Rules Engine” are fully customisable and so are our pricing options.

Whether you choose to bring your own sim card or get one from us, we have a plan to suit your needs!

Buddy SIM Plans

Choose one of our complete SIM and “Track Map” access combos.

Telstra 4G

Perfect for Personal Tracker
with voice calling

$39.98 / per month

50 SMS Credits

150 MB data

10 Calling minutes Australia wide

1 x FREE MBG Go subscription

Bring You Own SIM Plan

Choose your own provider, but still benefit from access to “Track Map”.
(BYO Sim cards need to have Data & SMS sending and receiving capability!)

BYO Sim Card

Perfect for a Personal Tracker

$12 / per month

50 SMS Credits

1 x FREE MBG Go subscription


Turn any smart device into a GPS tracker


Turn your smartphone into a GPS tracker

$0.99 / per month

5 SMS Credits

What else does my plan include?

All Buddy Plans also include:

Live Tracking

5 Rules Triggers (per plan)

4 Rules Actions (per trigger)

8 Geo-Fences (per plan)

Online and Phone Support –
1300 692 8339

Ability to choose location update frequency*

SMS included in your monthly plans, will carry over to the next month.
(Should you require additional SMS credits, these can be purchase on demand).

*Update Frequency – the faster the upload rate is set, the faster the battery will drain.

How does the
“Track Map” work?

Get the most out of “Track Map”
by utilising our unique customisable software! 

How does the “Track Map” work?

Get the most out of “Track Map”
by utilising our unique customisable software! 

Track Map Banner

Track Map

Our GPS Tracking Platform allows you to see everyone on the one screen.
Add everyone via their tracker or smart device giving you a complete overview.
Personalise and customise your experience via rules triggers and actions…


Track Map Banner
Rules Engine

Rules Triggers

What features do you want to be notified about?

For example:
Geo-Fence: ‘I want to know when my son leaves our property.’
Battery Alert: ‘I want to be alerted when Joe’s GPS watch battery is below 25%.’
SOS Button: ‘I want to know when Mum clicks on the SOS button.’
Power On: ‘I want the assurance that Laura’s bus is through the mobile signal black spot.’
WiFi Range: ‘I want to be alerted the instant Grandad leaves the nursing home’s WiFi hotspot.’


Platform Notification

Rules Actions

How do you want to get notified?

For Example:
SMS: ‘When my daughter leaves school, I want to be alerted via text message  .’
Platform notification: ‘From 9 – 5, I want to see on my computer when any of our workers arrive back at the depot to assign the next job.’
Email: ‘I want to receive an email letting me know “Dad went for a walk at 3 pm today.’
Immobiliser: ‘I want my classic car to automatically immobilise in case it’s stolen from my storage unit.’
Location Update: ‘My son sleepwalks, I want to force an instant location update as soon as he leaves our home WiFi hotspot range.’


Platform Notification

NDIS Buddy Tracker Range:

4G Kids Buddy GPS Tracking Watch

Kids GPS Tracking Watch

Adult GPS Watch 4G

Adult GPS Tracking Watch

GPS Tracking Pendant NDIS

Buddy Pendant

Still have questions?

Fill in the form and ask. We love answering questions to help all of our Buddies 🙂